barriolindo is standing for the cooperative work of the artists Sabine Holz and Jürgen Kleinmann, who have studied at the academy of fine arts in Stuttgart (Germany) during the 1970 ´s and 1980´s. They have been working together within numerous fine art´s projects, time and again together as well with other artists.

The works presented here have mostly been executed at the pit face (on site) within architectural contexts and are firmly fixed to the buildings. And although barriolindo doesn´t define itself as an enterprise to merely decorate walls with murals, the painting is always done in a solid and professionally handicrafted manner, mainly painted in a mineral colour technique where water glass is binding the pigments (producing company guarantees light proof and duration for 140 years).

barriolindo does not distinct hierarchically between and works by commission. Each work is conceptually elaborated and always refers - thematically as well as aesthetically - to the situation to take place in. Suggestions in contents set out by the clients can be integrated into the artistic conception if possible, definite preconditions (enterprise´s names or trademarks for example) are made to fit into the work in such manner that fine art´s priority to anything else can be guaranteed. The hereby created work is characterized by an interest in the play with task and the freedom in artistic decisions.

Over and above that, barriolindo is working steadily on creation suggestions and image ideas. Here also is dominating the tendency towards narration and illustration, towards the search for poetry somewhere in between „cosiness and subversion“ (R. Straub). What barriolindo is working out at the moment you will learn to know by clicking here on recent works.

In case that you´re interested in barriolindo´s work, please send an e-mail, as soon as possible you´ll get back an answer and/or, if you like, more information in printed matter. So, for now, enjoy clicking and watching the barriolindo website.